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Age: (prologue) 32 / (current) 52
Species: Wyvern
Nationality: Veslian
Ka is an ambitious wyvern who was once enlisted as a tactician in the Veslian army. He is a large wyvern in his late prime, and has spent most of his life searching for the lost city of Eryl, wherein he believes he will find freedom and power. He takes the side of neither good nor evil, and is loyal to none. He will ally himself only with those whom he believes will aide him in furthering his own ends. He is extremely opportunistic, and will tenaciously pursue his goals until every conceivable option is exhausted.

Lady Andrea

Age: 23
Species: Human
Nationality: Falian
Lady Andrea does not act like a Lady should. Her father, Lord Cian, didn’t really know how to raise a daughter after his wife died when Andrea was only three years old. Spending her youth roughhousing with her older brothers and the gardener-boy, Seamus, certainly didn’t help. She’s stubborn, bossy, (a bit manipulative), and very much unafraid to speak her mind. Lord Cian taught her swordplay and survival skills, but seems to get very upset when she ventures beyond the town to put them to use. She’s fiercely patriotic for her home, Falia, and will do anything to help in the long and devastating war against the Veslian Empire. That desire may be tested to its limit all too soon.


Age: 20
Species: Wyvern
Nationality: Tervalan
Rescued from his dead mother’s womb by Sarah in a small village in Terival, the albino wyvern Sleet grew up amongst humans. He is very close to his ‘brother’ Arra, and his ‘mother’ Sarah. He is very friendly and outgoing, and babbles almost constantly. If there’s one thing he can’t stand, it’s a lull in conversation. Though he is a wyvern- a creature normally considered a monster and an enemy in Terival- Sleet has been accepted by the villagers. He and Arra help the shepherds of the village defend their flocks against the many wolves in the area.


Age: 19
Species: Human
Nationality: Tervalan
Jonathan has lived his whole life as a shepherd in a small rural village in Terival. He was raised alongside his ‘cousins’ Sleet and Arra, and is very protective of them- especially the baby-like dragon. He is a bit (okay, a lot) small-minded, but a good person deep down. However, he dislikes strangers and often lets his mouth get the better of him. He dreams of adventure and a life outside the village.


Age: 20
Species: Great Dragon
Nationality: Tervalan
Arra is the last living Great Dragon. Kidnapped by the wyvern Lis and flown halfway around the world, he ended up in the care of a young, headstrong woman named Sarah, who raised him and Lis’ son, Sleet, as her children. He and Sleet protect the village against the many marauding wolves in the area. Though he is large and strong, Arra is still a baby and needs the villagers’ protection against outsiders who might target him. His existence is kept a careful secret by the village, though recently information seems to have leaked out…


Age: 25
Species: Unknown
Nationality: Veslian
Kira is the Veslian’s archmage, and like all mages, he was born with silver hair and red eyes. He is very quiet and often gentlemanly. But don’t let that fool you- he is not known as the Butcher Bird for nothing. Little is known about him, even amongst his own people, and his name is feared around the world. No one is really even sure what he is; even though he looks human, he has a pair of enormous wings. He often disguises them with a glamour that makes them look like a cloak to avoid stares and cries of horror in public places. He is very close to his t’akirou, Kazu. She is not just a pet or a battle mount, but also his closest friend. His favoured weapon is a polearm that resembles a halberd, which he can summon and dismiss at will.


Age: Unknown
Species: Human(?)
Nationality: Unknown
Usually going by the alias ‘Raven,’ Seravinsari is a pirate captain, but his main profession is an assassin-for-hire. This produces the main source of revenue for his crew, as piracy has not been a lucrative practise of late with Veslian fleets sweeping the coasts clean to make way for their merchant vessels. Raven is infamous around the world and is often referred to as the ‘Angel of Death,’ owing to the fact that not a single target of his has yet escaped alive. He is the bearer of Plague, an infamous black blade that has been handed down from a long line of Master Assassins to their successors. He is very small and agile, allowing him to creep into places most people wouldn’t fit. He limps in his left leg, but he doesn’t let it slow him down much.

Minor Characters


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Eryl is a city that supposedly disappeared hundreds of years ago. It’s existence has become mythical, and what exactly it was has also passed into legend. Stories of Eryl vary greatly from area to area. Some believe it was a city inhabited by angels, others believe it was a haven of scholars, with knowledge and technology far exceeding anything before or since it’s existence, though most tales will swear it was Paradise on earth. Many have searched for Eryl, none have found it. Most people agree that it is merely a fanciful story.


Falia is a country bordered on two sides by the Veslian Empire, and completely surrounded by tall mountain ranges. They are a land of warriors, having been locked in a fierce war with their neighbour for over two hundred years. The Falians enlisted the aide of one of the last great dragons, Strake, and employed him as a figurehead to their armies, boosting moral and the number of volunteering soldiers to supplement the drafts, as well as attracting allies in nearby countries. Falia is one of the last countries in the west to hold against the Veslians. However, the long war’s effects are straining the resources of the country and the hearts of the people. Taxes are high and the danger is great. Even on the borders farthest from the Empire, villages are in constant danger of being raided by wyverns.

The Veslian Empire

Also called Veslin’s Empire, or simply The Empire, this vast territory and its allies stretches across most of the western continent, and is even beginning to form colonies across the sea to the east and south. Their leader is rumoured to be an enormous and clever dragoness named Veslin. Many, however, believe that Veslin is only a name invented by Veslian leaders to frighten their enemies. The true leader remains unknown to all but the highest officials, though it cannot be denied that there is an intelligent centre turning the gears of its government. Their armies are the largest in the world, consisting mostly of humans, though many other species and fearsome beasts are used in battle. The most feared of these are the crafty wyverns. Large, deadly, and highly intelligent, these dark winged monsters have a terrifying reputation for their ruthless cunning and bloodthirsty nature.


Terival lies across the ocean east of the continent where Falia and the Veslian Empire lay. It is a coastal country, and used to rely heavily on sea trade. However, thanks to a proliferation of pirates, trade has continued to dwindle over the years. Their coast has now become a dangerous place rife with thieves, pirates, smugglers, and other outlaws. The country lives in fear that the Veslian empire will one day bring fleets and wyverns to seize their impoverished and poorly defended country. Inland the soil is quite fertile, so many Tervalans farm or raise sheep for a living.

Port Harten

Port Harten lies along the central coast of Terival. It was once a bustling and respected crossroads for trade going across the sea. However, it has since fallen to ruin and ill repute, becoming a haven for pirates, thieves, and smugglers. There still dwell many decent folk- and even some respectable Lords and Ladies- within the city walls, which gives it a false air of serenity during the day. But nighttime is an entirely different story…


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Though there are many species of wyverns, the most numerous and intelligent are the Northern River Wyverns, which are almost always the species people are referring to when they say ‘wyvern.’ They are very bird like in their motion, and fe ed mainly on fish and crustaceans. A fully mature adult will stand 5-6 feet on average at the shoulders, with another foot and a half or so added for the head and neck. Three of their fingers extend to form the wings, while their thumb and first finger remain normal-sized. Their thumbs are opposable, and though not as dexterous as a human’s, they can still pick up and manipulate objects to an extent. The three barbs at the end of their tails contain venom-sacs, usually used in very small amounts for paralysing fish, but when used in higher concentrations for offence/ defence, are extremely deadly. They are gregarious, living in colonies and mating for life. Normally they live in caves pocketing large river cliff-sides, but sometimes they live in forests roosting in large trees. Though their intelligence is on par with a human’s, they live simply, passing down knowledge mostly by word of mouth.


T’Akirou are distant cousins of the griffons. They live in mountainous regions, mostly in the north. They are very agile and feed on the deer and mountain goats that share their habitat. In the summer they have a short, wiry grey coat, but in winter their coat is long, soft, and white. This longer winter fur is highly prised by fur traders. Some of the medium-sized breeds are the preferred mounts of the dwarves. They are also used like bloodhounds for their keen sense of smell and high intelligence. They can understand many commands and are fiercely loyal to their masters if raised from kits.

Great Dragon

Great Dragons are the largest of all land creatures. They can reach the size of four elephants. Once fully grown, they can no longer fly, as their bulk is too massive. But they needn’t the power of flight to feed. They can hunt on the ground, herding large flocks of livestock off cliffs or cornering them where they can then be picked off at the dragon’s leisure. They are omnivorous, however, and will dine on vegetation (apples and other fruits are a treat for them), though they often prefer meat. They mate for life, raising only one or two pups at a time. The tiny pups hatch from eggs, minuscule compared to the parents’ size. They stay with their parents for 40 years, until they are fully mature, though they don’t gain their full size for another hundred years. Apart from their small family prides, Great Dragons are solitary, needing large territories to support themselves. They will defend these territories fiercely from other invading Great Dragons, though will indifferently share them with smaller predators. Though gifted with flight, they have solid bones, therefore flight is difficult for them, and for the most part they remain land-bound. Their colour ranges from green to blue, with red to violet wings.


Kurrals are a species in the drake family. Drakes come in many shapes and sizes, and are covered in scales like reptiles, but are warm blooded. Kurrals are pack animals, led by the largest male. While they look like they have feathered crests, they are actually enlarged scales that can be fanned out and rattled. These scales are usually brightly coloured on the males, and are used for aggression and mating displays. Females also have scaly crests, but they are smaller and not brightly patterned. Their tail-spines and the burrs on their heels are mildly venomous. Being stung is extremely painful, but not fatal to humans and rarely does lasting damage. Kurrals live in thick forests and hunt all manner of animals. If they can catch it, they will eat it. They will also eat carrion and steal kills. They are highly aggressive and fiercely territorial. Because of their ferocity and flashy scales, males are often the targets of trophy hunters.