WARNING: This page contains spoilers if you have not read the archives!



Teze / Snow

Real Age: ???
Frozen Age: 12
Daemon Element: ???
Beast Forme: Grey Wolf

Though he is very old, Teze (pronounced TEHZ-ay) still looks like he’s twelve. He acts like it, too. He used to be someone very important amongst his fellow daemons, long ago, but now he’s been demoted to a secretariat. The only signs of his advanced age are his pure white hair, and his brief flashes of wisdom and insight (though those don’t come as often as everyone would like). When disguised in his beast forme of an old grey wolf, he goes by the name Snow. He was given a break from his usual pen-pushing duties to work with Tienar on a very pivotal mission: keeping Fawna alive. He has become like a father to her, telling her stories and caring for her. She has no idea about his and Scree’s dual natures.

Tienar / Scree

Real Age: 245
Frozen Age: 19
Daemon Element: Flora
Beast Forme: Golden Eagle

Tienar is a messenger, and one of the best daemons at the Council’s disposal. He is fast and reliable, and often the envy of others for his good looks, charm, and because he is so trusted by the Council. He has been temporarily relieved of his messenger duties and reassigned to a top-secret mission with Teze, where he is disguised as a golden eagle with an assumed name, Scree. He has the tendency to be condescending to his lessers, and obsequious to his betters.


Real Age: 201
Frozen Age: 16
Daemon Element: Water
Beast Forme: ???

Sarcastic, aloof, and far too clever for his own good, Anor is the resident healer at Headquarters. In fact, he is the only daemon to ever posses healing powers. He is also pretty sly, with a knack for digging up information he shouldn’t know. Few at Headquarters actually trust him, but his healing abilities are needed so badly that they are forced to put up with him.


Real Age: 64
Frozen Age: 14
Daemon Element: Fire
Beast Forme: Carrion Crow

Rava is a rogue daemon- an outlaw. He has never lived at Headquarters, but been a rogue ever since he gained his supernatural powers. He is fiercely loyal to his fellow rogue daemon, Leandra. She sends him on important errands, though whether trusting him is wise is under debate. He really tries, but calling him ‘hard-luck’ might be an understatement. His beast forme is a crow, and he uses it as a disguise when away from Leandra. Which works, you know, most of the time.



Age: 2
Species: Red Fox

Fawna is a young vixen from a forest called Oakwood in England. A year before the story, she was shot and nearly killed by a human hunter. She lost all her memories prior to the incident. She was rescued by the grey wolf, Snow, and Scree the golden eagle. She is very kind and loyal, and would stay out of trouble if not for the encouragement of Flowerlark. Unlike most foxes, she doesn’t like to eat squirrels, but prefers to befriend them.


Age: 1
Species: Red Squirrel

Flowerlark is Fawna’s best friend and both an incredibly manipulative and very mischievous squirrel. She’s very lazy and takes advantage of others whenever possible, often without meaning to- it’s just second nature.


Age: 1
Species: Red Squirrel

Eclipse is Flowerlark’s sister from the same litter. She’s very vindictive and is perpetually irritated by something. Usually that something is Flowerlark. When not picking up her sister’s chores, she spends most of her time trying to think of new ways to exact revenge on her lazy twin.


Age: 2
Species: Red Fox

Scratch is a sour dour dogfox. For whatever reason, he is also the object of Fawna’s affections, try as he might to crush them. The exact reason for his fierce rejection is unknown, but he’s just naturally so unpleasant that none is really needed. Few know his real name- everyone just calls him ‘Scratch’ for the long scar running down his face.

Other Characters

A rogue daemon who is Rava’s… boss? Friend? Mother figure? Their relationship is a little difficult to pin down, but she has Rava’s unwavering loyalty. She captains a galleon of privateers. At least, on Terra she did. They fled to Earth many years ago to escape the long arm of daemon law.
Riella holds the highest position of power at daemon Headquarters: High Councilor. She rules with a heavy, but fair hand. Though she may look sweet and diminutive, she has a soul of steel. She is also the daemon of Truth, making it impossible to lie to her.
A daemon who, six-hundred years ago, sealed masses of ombri away. No one knows how he managed it, and he disappeared immediately afterwards. The seal was supposed to be permanent, but about a year ago it somehow broke, and now the council is desperate to find him so he can redo it.



Daemons: Daemons are, in fact, human. They were chosen by divine selection at birth to wield amazing powers so that they might fight the evil ombri.

More information about the daemons is covered in some of chapter end specials

Ombra: pl. ombri The dark and twisted creatures that haunt Terra… and now Earth. They are attracted to negative emotions, and devour souls. If a person or animal is tainted enough, they can not only devour their soul, but posses the body left behind. They are rarely seen by normal humans. At least, not until it’s too late.


Oakwood: A forest primarily made up of deciduous trees- oaks being the most prominent- that lays on the outskirts of a growing suburb in England. It is where our story begins.

Terra: The home world of both daemons and ombri. It is parallel to ours, though is several hundred years behind Earth. It shares a close history, but there are significant differences. For instance, magic did not entirely die out in Terra, and mystical beasts such as fairies and dragons still exist.

Headquarters: The daemons’ home base. It was once located in Terra, but when the daemons were overpowered by the ombri, it was relocated to Earth. It lies somewhere deep in the forests of Canada.