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A comic by Tiffany Ross that I sometimes work on as a colourist. She describes it as ‘Bambi with carnivores.’ It follows various winged raptors called shivae as they fight for survival in a rapidly changing world. Contains graphic violence.

A long-running comic by Alex Kolesar and Joe Kovell that is a must-read for any shounen anime fan. Our action-packed story takes place in feudal Japan, though it is by no mean historical. It is, however, absolutely hysterical. A mixture of absurd, awesome, and laugh-out-loud moments captioned with outrageous sound effects makes for one thrilling samurai comic. Orryah! Contains graphic violence and mild language.

A beautiful graphic novel by Chikuto, set in a steampunk world on the brink of war, where magic is feared above all else. Bright, lively art and instantly endearing characters bring vivid life to a story about Cog Kleinschmidt, a boy with an uncanny talent for repairing watches. He’s a nobody, but finds himself swept into the turbulent world of politics, even though he insists that all of the events turning the landscape of his world ‘Have nothing to do with me.’ Contains mild language.

A dark sci-fi by Melinda Timpone. Earth is left in ruins after an alien invasion. The aliens are long gone, but they left the world poisoned in their wake. A mysterious organisation is now expanding on the aliens’ dark experiments with human beings. Wren is a boy with incredible power, tortured by a past half forgotten, struggling to find where he came from while being relentlessly hunted. He is just one of the victims of these horrific experiments, and his own uncontrollable power terrifies him. Contains graphic violence and strong language.

A lovely fantasy by Meg Syverud and Jessica Weaver. A band of quirky mercenaries led by the orc Orrig are just trying to make a living, but the life of swords-for-hire is never easy. Especially for their mage, Thistle. She always has to hide her face because when people see her, well… let’s just say it never goes well. She hates hiding, but more than that, she hates people being afraid of her. She has a unique talent for growing flowers with her magic, and is a gentle soul. Contains graphic violence, adult material, and language.

A completed trilogy of graphic novels by Samantha Whitten and Stacey Pefferkorn. A young wolf-girl named Meela is on her own after her family was murdered. She has no idea how to take care of herself. Luckily (?) she runs into a bounty hunter named Feral and decides to tag along. Contains graphic violence, mild language, and some adult material.

A gorgeously painted graphic novel by Michael Sexton about a world of ocean where humanity lives scattered across the small islands dotting the seas. Join Luna and Ten in a cute puppy-love romance and high-seas adventure as they journey out into a dangerous world. Contains occasional violence.

A long-running newspaper style comic strip by the Carspeckens. It follows the adventures of Randy and Cindy, a pair of red foxes who live in a barn with a plethora of other animals. Largely family-friendly, contains some innuendo.

A stunningly drawn graphic novel by Anna Podedworna, Kate Redesiuk, and Jessica Derenthal. A pack of wolves carry a secret; one of their number may be they key to avoiding Ragnarok. If only they could get him to where he needs to go… without him screwing it all up first. Contains graphic violence and strong language.

A richly written and beautifully drawn graphic novel by Der-shing Helmer. A young girl named Angora is sent on a mysterious mission by her ‘grandfather’ with nothing but a few cryptic clues to guide her. She was raised in the jungle and knows little of human society… or propriety. Contains strong language, nudity, graphic violence, and adult material.

A very well written and drawn graphic novel by Pascalle Lepas. A young man named Oscar Wilde moves into a house he rented off Craigslist in the rural town of Podunk, Oklahoma. Little does he know that the whole town is kind of unnatural. One might almost say… SUPERnatural. Contains strong language, graphic violence, and adult material.

An astoundingly detailed graphic novel by Tracy J. Butler. Read a gritty, sepia-toned graphic novel about prohibition during the 1920s in St. Louis, Missouri. Betrayal, murder, insanity, and desperation are all acted out by adorable and expressive kitty-cats. Contains graphic violence and adult material.

Awkward Zombie is a video game humour comic by Katie Tiedrich. She does one-shot funnies that point out the failings and foibles of games that she has played. Contains crude humour and blood.

MegaTokyo is a very long-running amerimanga series by Fred Gallagher. The beginning is laugh-out-loud humour, though it slowly transitions into just drama as the story unfolds. Contains language and adult material.