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Here are some links to comics I enjoy reading. I hold no responsibility to the content of others’ sites. Generally these comics are in a PG-13 to R range. Click at your own discretion!

Link Exchanges


Obsidian Dawn
A collection of free high quality photoshop textures and brushes.

CG Textures
A vast amount of textures to use for all your CG work.

Pose Maniacs
Has posed 3-D musculature models that are even slightly rotational, all at different angles.

Sells comic fonts, as well as having many available for free.

A huge directory of free fonts. Quality varies quite a bit, but for a font junkie like me, it’s paradise.

Game Font Database
A nice collection of video game themed fonts. Great for gamer comics or fun in general.

Neon Dragon Art
Site includes a lot of useful photoshop tutorials, both for the beginner and the advanced. I’ve learned a lot of tips and tricks from her tutorials.

W3 Schools
Includes tutorials on website building, from beginner to advanced. Includes sections on HTML, XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, and many, many more.


I am more than willing to do link exchanges! If you are interested, link to me first, then with your 200×40 banner. While I won’t have the time to go inspect everyone’s entire site, I won’t link to anything rated above T+ (ages 16 and up).