Making a Splash

We’ll never learn…

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Those of you who don’t follow the news on the mainpage are probably wondering if this comic is on hiatus, dead, or what. Well, sort of. I’m calling it ‘sporadic’ but it’s not really updating anymore. Since the comic paper I was doing this for was a college paper, and I’ve been taking a forced break from college, it’s hard for me to write comics about it when I’m not experiencing it. That and during the course of my forced break, Reby graduated and so is no longer going to be in classes with me (when I manage to return). So I may add to this archive occasionally, and maybe it’ll start up again when I’m back in college, but for the most part it’s finished.

Ugh, the site just got it’s first spam attack. I had to delete about 100 ‘comments.’ So from now on, users must have their first comment approved by me in order to have their comments show under the posts. I’m going to look into some kind of spam blocker later.

[Edit]- okay, I just added an invisible plugin that will hopefully block spambots in the future.

So before I do something totally n00bish, this is Reby, Lee’s cohort from Easily Amused. This is honestly the first time I’ve ever posted anything remotely related to a blog and it scares the living daylights out of me. I may have a heart attack when I see this on the main page later. If it makes it to the main page… There are a lot of check boxes and text things here that I’m sorta scared to touch out of fear of this WordPress thing blowing up and Lee killing me later.


I wound up crashing my laptop a couple years ago in biology running a population simulation program in excel.  I then restarted the baka thing, and attempted to retry the simulation again. My comp crashed 3 or 4 times that day. I also attempted the same thing on two other people’s comps, and crashed theirs too. Ever since then, I’ve been a bit wary of what I do with my comp, and my poor crap-top has hated me ever since.


Apple cider makes excellent floats. Just heat it up a little bit on the stove with some mulling spice (you can get it really cheap at the store), put some ice cream  in a bowl (pumpkin works best, but maple walnut or vanilla works okay too), and pour the cider over the top.   <3  I just remembered that I had an apple cider float at Pumpkinville a couple weekends ago and its the most amazing dessert ever, so I wanted to tell everyone about it. Try it if you get the chance. If you have kids, they’ll love it. Especially if you’re like me and add sugar to it while it’s heating up.

So, I swear that I won’t do this “random” thing next time. (Unless you want me to, leave a comment so I don’t make a total idiot of myself) But yeah. I’m Reby! It’s nice to meet you guys, don’t run complicated excel population simulations on your laptop, and enjoy this wonderful fall day with an apple cider float and a nice warm blanket. <3!!!

One of the neat things about comicpress (I’m generally NOT happy with the program… but it has a couple perks) is that I can add users. Generally, I will not allow people to register because there’s little point. I have no ‘subscriber perks’ to add to the site, so why bother? HOWEVER, my partner-in-crime, the ever infamous Reby, can now post alongside me. I don’t know yet if she will do any posts… but hopefully we’ll get to hear some of her Easily Amused thoughts. Since we do this comic together, it was always rather silly that I’m the only one you guys ever heard from. But now that shall change! I just have to pester her enough to post!

Sorry for the craziness and the mess. I am switching the EA site over to comicpress. Mostly only because I like the comment feature… and not much else. I don’t have the whole archive up yet, but will over the next few days. Please hang in there and be patient, the site will be up and fully functional in a week or two. Okay.. it only took me two days instead of two weeks… I can work faster than I thought.

By the by, does anyone know how to adjust the width of the content in wordpress so that it’s not scaling my comics down and making them blurry? Nevermind! I figured it out! Yaaaay for finally making sense of some else’s stylesheet!

-Edit- Okay, I have the whole archive up and the sub-pages. Now it’s down to the header image and various tweakings.

-Edit again- Site is finished!