Once this has been painted in Photoshop, it will be the new volume cover for Ashes. We have the main gang – Rava, Anor, Fawna, Flowerlark, Scratch, and Eclipse – sitting on the ledge of a billboard high above the streets of New York City. Though we’ve mostly seen idyllic nature settings so far, the majority of this multi-volume series takes place there.

Rava will have a fireball in his upraised hand- which right now looks kind of odd in just the black and white pencils. I’m also adding most of the background digitally. I don’t trust my perspective skills enough to draw more than the foreground by hand; I’ll be needing those undo buttons. XD

I also tried something a little different when scanning this- Usually I use my scanner’s standard image setting, but this time I switched it to magazine. I really like that the tones came out much more balanced and true to the original drawing than normal. I had to do a lot less level-tweaking and cleanup in Photoshop. BUT it also came out less crisp, even though I was scanning it at the same dpi I always do. I may need to scan future drawings at a higher res and downscale as necessary.