It’s been so long since I did a more elaborate / realistic pencil sketch or any Legend of Zelda fanart, so hey, two birds with one stone (or arrow, in Link’s case)!

MAN I am so glad the game designers ditched that hat. That ridiculous sleeping cap was the bane of my existence. Link will be so much easier to cosplay now, too. I had to use copious amounts of bobby pins to keep that thing on my head, and it would still fall off every 15 minutes. 😛

I do love gameplay in Breath of the Wild, too, but I also miss the more cinematic days of adventure RPGs. Everything is open world now, and while that can be endlessly absorbing, a lot of it ends up feeling like fluff to extend the game. I don’t mind being able to beat a fast-paced game over a few days while watching movie-style cut-scenes. That being said, BotW is a masterpiece, but I hope that eventually Zelda games will trend back towards more linear experiences.

And wouldn’t you know, as I was taking this out of my sketchbook to get a proper scan, it ripped nearly in half. Good thing I took all those photos first! And also good that I don’t get very attached to my art anymore. :/