A banded linsang, one of two species of oriental linsangs; the other being the spotted linsang.

About the sculpture…
This sculpture was crafted from super sculpey clay over a foil and wire armature then painted in folk art acrylics.

About Oriental Linsangs…
The oriental linsang is a species of civet (a kind of cat-like weasel, it is in the same family as mongooses), also known as the tiger-civet. They are carnivorous, feeding on small mammals, birds, and lizards. They live in south-east Asia and are among the rarest carnivores, having less than 200 members left. They are quite small, adults are no more than 2lbs and 40 cm long. Like cats, their claws are retractable and they are often amongst the branches of trees in tropical regions.

Yes, the zoologist-wannabe-geek in me is resurfacing after years of suppression. 😛

Oriental Banded Linsang © Leah Colagiacomo 2010