I’m mostly putting this up so the handful of people who still check FL Studios know that my projects aren’t dead. I just haven’t been posting anything because I’ve primarily been at work on this project, and would like several chapters worth of a buffer + time to advertise and hype it before its release.

Remember on my last post to this website that I mentioned I was turning Laiyu into a sci-fi? Well, here we have a rough sketch of an illustration from the revised prologue, showing Jason and a woman – both of whom live over a thousand years in the future. The high-fantasy component will begin in chapter one (where I will HOPEFULLY be able to salvage some of my initial illustrations), and will occupy the bulk of the storyline. Like the typical fantasy RPG, it takes place in a medieval-ish setting.

The dragon Guardians will still be there, but what exactly they are as well as the role that Malskoth plays have been altered.

I must say, I’m super excited about the new angle I’m taking on this story. I just need to snap out of this writing funk I’m in so I can do the prose for more chapters. Right now I’m just illustrating what I have in the hopes my muse will decide to come back. 😛

EDIT#1: I performed a bunch of updates on this site section which did nothing but mess some things up. If you have missing images, wrong images, etc. just clear your cache and the website should right itself. I originally did this post from my iPad and the comic appeared right side up like it was supposed to be, but when I went to my computer, I found it on its side… So that’s been fixed. Ugh, I wish I could afford a web designer. I also wish I wasn’t a total control freak so I could feel comfortable with someone else maintaining my website even if I could afford one. 😛

EDIT#2: You can now view the finished illustration here on DeviantART.