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In the Laiyu world, all peoples (humans and other assorted beings) are ruled over by dragons. The dragons are referred to as Guardians, and are supposed to guide and govern the world. People believe that Guardians are holy beings, and thus they also often act as spiritual leaders. Mortals can have small leadership positions, such as army officials, mayors of smaller settlements, etc. But they all report to Guardians. Malskoth is an example of a Guardian gone very bad.

This Guardian is a blind dragon called Moren. Despite her unsettling appearance, Moren is a kindly old soul. She lives in a swamp and governs over a sparsely populated province. She reports to a higher Guardian, that of the kingdom. But since her province is very rural and at the far borders of the kingdom, she and her subjects are nearly autonomous. She will handle any disputes that cannot be settled by mortal mayors in the area. She also issues passes for travel or moving; mortals must have permission from at least provincial Guardians to leave the borders.