UPDATE: The Kickstarter was successfully funded! 🙂

Click here to visit the Shivae Kickstarter page!

Hey all! I’d like to take a moment to help promote a Kickstarter by long-time friend of mine, Tiffany Ross, for printed volumes of one of her many webcomics, Shivae! Vas’ Arc, much of which contains pages coloured by me! Vas was the first webcomic I ever worked on, as a matter of fact, starting way back in 2004, and I coloured it on and off for much of the arc. I’m currently colouring the Caiden and Koel Arc, which is nearing completion, and updating on Sundays. You can read all of the Shivae stories for free on Shivae Studios.

This Kickstarter is for the two-volume, completed Vas story, but also includes tiers for a dragon art book from Tiffany’s Smaugest prompt challenge, journals with dragon cover art, template books for aspiring (or established!) comic artists to pencil pages in, and a two-sided charm of the shivae brothers, Vas and Riva, which were drawn by me. The charm images are featured in the picture here, with Vas on one side and his brother, Riva, on the opposite.

Please be aware that while I have contributed artwork to this Kickstarter, it is being run entirely by Tiffany, and therefore any questions should be directed at her via the Kickstarter page!