Sorry, folks! There’s no actual page today. Last week my mum had a minor surgery and was incapacitated for several days. She’s doing well and getting around just fine, but is still sore. So what with looking after her I never had a chance to draw more than this iPad painting of Kira and Kazu as youngsters. There will likely also not be an Ashes page this Friday, but I’m trying to get back on track so updates can resume next week.

A little about this picture: this is of the first moment that Kira and Kazu met. She was given to him for the express purpose of one day being his battlemount. Kira was raised to be a weapon of war, and this is when his training became serious. He was seven years old.

T’akirou are tricky creatures – they are naturally aggressive and mistrustful UNLESS they are raised from kit-hood, preferably by the person who will handle them for the rest of their life. Unless a strong bond exists between t’akirou and handler, the beasts can turn on a person and become feral.

Kazu, as I have mentioned before is a Tsuvolan breed; the only type of t’akirou large enough for anyone but a dwarf to ride. Most breeds are the size of a medium-large dog. Also, you may notice how much darker Kazu’s coat is here – t’akirou are born with black coats which lighten to grey as they mature, and lighten still further to long, luxurious white in the winter.