Gah, sorry, still no page this week! It’s been hectic around here and of course there’s the ever-lingering struggles with both family and depression.

I often play video games to escape it all, and when I find one I really like, it will suck me in and I’ll do nothing else until I either finish it, or get bored with it.

So this week it’s been the PS Vita version of Minecraft. I started playing the pocket edition on my phone, and loved it but hated the touch controls, so I started it on the Vita instead. Wow, now I understand why it’s so popular!

I got every trophy for it, EXCEPT the one for killing the enderdragon, because my game glitched and it disappeared from The End. Thank goodness I had a save backup, but it did mean erasing hours and hours of progress. 😛

I’m hoping things will stabalise enough for me to start knocking out some Eryl and Ashes pages for next week.

PS- Blocky figures are MUCH harder to draw than you would think, especially for someone like me who hates straight lines! I was originally going to draw Andrea, Raven, and Sleet, too, but once I’d sketched out Arra, I knew that would be challenging enough.