I’ve been wanting to do a monthly art prompt challenge for a while. October is usually the Inktober challenge for a lot of webcomic artists, but I absolutely suck at inking by hand, and am very slow at digital inking. Instead I decided to do Goretober. I KNOW I won’t be able to keep it up for the full 31, so I’m picking out ones I can think of decent ideas for. Mostly I’ll be using Ashes characters since that comic already has a horror theme. Some of it will be canon, some not. I’ll usually say which.

WARNING: SOME OF THESE PROMPTS WILL CONTAIN INTENSE GORE OR POTENTIAL TRIGGERS. If you like to browse my website at work or school, be sneaky or something about it, because some of these may be graphic or disturbing depending on your horror threshold. I definitely have limits on what I’ll draw, but they may be beyond yours or the people peeking over your shoulder. Letting you all know ahead of time. If you feel squeamish about this, you may want to skip over my site until October is over and catch up any new Ashes pages later.

I decided to start this off lighter with ‘nosebleed’, playing off of the anime / manga trope of a character getting a nosebleed when they’re turned on or thinking dirty thoughts. This is pretty much canon (well, not the nosebleed, but the crush) The disembodied speech bubble belongs to Leandra, by the way. I honestly can’t wait until she’s properly introduced, because a lot of her interactions with Rava are going to be really fun. 😀