I have been sick since around Friday with an absolutely beastly cold, so still no new pages, though the next Ashes is in progress.

So instead here’s more random Eryl art (sorry for the bad image quality, this was a photo I took with my phone and then cleaned up in Manga Studio). This time it’s a creature rather than a character. This is a kurral- a species in the drake family. Drakes come in many shapes and sizes, and are covered in scales like reptiles, but are warm blooded. They are cousins of the great dragon.

Kurrals are pack animals, led by the largest male. While they look like they have feathered crests, those are actually enlarged scales that can be fanned out and rattled (they cannot fly or glide, as much as they look like they have wings; they are too dense and heavy). These scales are usually brightly coloured on the males, and are meant for aggression and mating displays. Females also have scaly crests, but they are smaller and not brightly patterned.

Their tail-spines and the burrs on their heels are mildly venemous. Being stung is extremely painful, but not fatal and rarely does lasting damage.

Kurrals live in thick forests and hunt all manner of animals. If they can catch it, they will eat it. They will also eat carrion without hesitation, and steal kills. They are highly aggressive and fiercely territorial.

Because of their ferocity and flashy scales, males are often the targets of trophy hunters.