And updates are back! I can’t promise that they’ll be regular- I’m certain I will miss weeks because my health really isn’t better, but I’ll post new pages whenever I can.

I’m trying something a little different with how I inject foreign words into the daemons’ dialogue. Before, I offered no translations and just let context take care of it. But I also worry about irritating or confusing readers with random words and phrases in other languages, so in certain places I will be putting the translation in smaller parentheses like in that first bubble.

And did you notice the new HUGE page size? …Kind of hard not to, right?
The whole archives have been upgraded to the new size, excepting the first three pages of Chapter One, since those are the ones that I need to redraw. I had them all sketched out and then promptly lost that sketchbook. Now I need to work myself up to redoing all that work! I was originally going to wait to start Chapter Seven until I had those redux pages finished, but I was so disheartened when I lost my work that I went ahead with drawing new material instead.

Note that while many pages received minor fixes and tweaks, the only page with a noticeable difference is Page 04-01, which had some narration completely reworded to offer more clarity and continuity.