Rava, this is a lesson in watching where you’re going instead of trusting the guy in front of you.

I have some bad news: Ashes is going to go on an indefinite break. I’m hoping that this won’t be for more than a couple of weeks, but I can’t say for sure. My health is something I’ve been struggling with for a very long time, and it goes up and down all the time. Since April I’ve been in a steep downward spiral, and it has gotten to the point these past three weeks where I’m too sick to draw. I’ve been seeing doctors and getting tests, but healthcare (at least here in the US) is an infuriatingly slow process that can leave you hanging for weeks or months on end, especially when you have obscure problems like I do. I’m upset that I have to call a break when I’m only one page away from finishing the chapter, but I will post that last page the moment I’m able to draw it, even if the break needs to continue on afterwards before Chapter 7 begins.

I am planning on making some stylistic and process changes in Chapter 7, moving the human(oid) characters to a slightly more realistic style. This means that I need to start drawing the panels a bit bigger, as right now the entire page is done on 8.5×11 sketch paper- that means that depending on your monitor / device and resolution, you could very well be viewing the pages much BIGGER than the original drawing. If I want to make the humans more realistic, I need to draw them at a larger scale to get the proportions more accurate and the facial details in. That means I need to figure out a method of drawing the panels across several sheets of sketch paper without it adding too much time to the process. That’s going to take some experimenting.

And in changing the style, I also need to actually draw some comprehensive character sheets, especially of our two main boys, Rava and Anor. If I can get any of those sketches done during the comic’s downtime, I’ll post them up to help fill the gap in updates.

Again I’m really sorry about this. I’m probably more eager than anyone to keep the pages going as the storyline is starting to move into some pretty exciting plot development and adding layers of depth to the characters, and there’s so much of it I’m dying to draw!