If this was real life, that yellow jacket would have stung her about five times for the crime of sneezing. Because those sonsabitches are EVIL INCARNATE.

I have… personal trauma experience.


In geek news, SPLATOON 2! I have almost nothing negative to say about it which is pretty rare for me. There’s usually something that bothers my inner critic, but this game is so well done I can’t say much in the con department. It can be frustrating that I seem to almost always end up on bad teams in the regular online battles, which makes it hard to level up (I’m almost always the first or second top scorer in my team, so pretty sure I’m not the one who’s dragging everyone down). The voice chat ridiculousness that everyone’s complaining about doesn’t phase me much. I couldn’t use it anyway because I swear too much while playing and I don’t want to traumatise all those little school kids. >< And I don't generally play with friends online, only when we're in the same room. My only real problem is not the game's fault- our wifi signal stinks and I can't get my Switch online much. But! We're getting our router looked at and hopefully replaced today so maybe it will be better by tomorrow. 😀