As the early September sun sets, both temperature and tempers run hot.

We’re back to the floofs for a while! I know most people who read this (or at least most who leave me messages) are into it because of the animal characters, and that makes me feel like I majorly mislead people with how Ashes starts, because about 85% of the overall Children of Shadow story focuses on the daemons. I hope, though, that even if most of you are reading this now for the fuzzies, that you will grow attatched to my two-legged babies as well. Our squirrely and foxy friends will continue to be a major part in the adventures, but I just feel like I should prepare readers to expect a lot more fantasy than furry out of this comic.

ALSO, my birthday lands (probably flat on its face) somewhere in this week, so to celebrate, there will be a BONUS update on Friday!

And lastly, Ava’s Demon was added to my links page. If you like dark sci-fi stories and gorgeous, painterly art, you should check it out!