No wonder the daemons are screwed, two of their Fantastic Five are dangerous criminals, a third is MIA, and no one likes Anor.

Sorry about that hovertext. I’m kind of a douchebag.

Okay, so… this past week was spectacularly crappy. I was hoping to catch up some on comic work despite continuing to feel like I have a never-ending flu, but on Thursday my cat, Eowyn, went missing. We’re doing everything we can to find her and by now probably half the neighbourhood has been alerted to keep an eye out for her, along with local vets and shelters. But so far no news and I am feeling pretty distressed. I have the cover for Chapter 7 loaded into the update queue for next week, but it’s likely that there may be at least a couple of weeks after that of no updates. Not until I can catch up on work, get my health at least somewhat improved, and hopefully find my cat. 🙁