At the end of each book, I plan on having an image of this map, with the party’s current location marked, and a trail that shows Andrea’s journey thus far. Though she may have already spent months on the road getting to Terival, her true journey is now only beginning, so the real starting point is Arra, Sleet, and Jonathan’s home village.

So now what? As I’ve said, Eryl is going on hiatus for quite a while. I need some time to work on other projects, but that doesn’t mean that Eryl is going to be forgotten. In fact, there will be plenty of Dark Wings activity before the second book begins. I’ll be reduxing the prologue and chapter 1 to make the art more consistent, and also to fix a lot of important plot stuff that has changed or needs more clarity. I also plan to write several short prose stories that delve into some backstories for the main characters and might fill in a few blanks that I had to leave out of the comic because of pacing issues. These stories will be set into illustrated pages, in much the same format that I’m planning to use for Laiyu.

The prose stories I definitely want to write are:
-A glimpse of Kira as a child, and his first battle
-Sleet and Arra growing up together

And possible stories I’m still mulling over include:
-An assassination Raven carried out that didn’t go to plan
-Someone very dear to Andrea in the past

And OH MY GOSH new vote incentive.