I’m probably going to be doing some major website overhauling soon. I’ve been neglecting site maintenance for too long. Ashes and the homepage sites will be upgraded and given a visual facelift. Epic Fail and Easily Amused, too, but Epic Fail probably won’t change too drastically in appearance. Eryl likewise needs some updates, but won’t get a full overhaul until the current chapter is concluded.

Also, if you guys spot any typos/ misspellings, be sure to let me know. Spellcheck is broken on my copy of Photoshop and I don’t always spot the missing words or punctuation errors.

So, I did manage to tear myself away from Pokémon ORAS for a few hours today to finish this page. Usually that is nearly impossible for me to accomplish when a new Pokémon game is in my hands, but I managed it because I’m feeling underwhelmed by it. I so psyched for this game. I usually LOVE the remakes, plus it’s of the game that got me into Pokémon to begin with?? What’s not to love?! But it’s not impressing me much. I honestly liked the original GBA versions better… Or maybe I got somewhat burnt out on the series by playing XY about 7 or 8 times since it was released last year.