Wow, sorry for that long and unexpected hiatus from all my comics, folks. My inspiration went out the window for a while there.

Partial blame lays on Fantasy Life for my unexplained absence. It’s a new 3DS game that is way way too much fun. A lot of people have been comparing it to Animal Crossing, which is extremely misleading, in my opinion. It’s really nothing like Animal Crossing, but far closer to Rune Factory or Disney’s Magical World (which yes, I played and LOVED. Don’t laugh, it’s actually a really good game). The storyline is pretty shallow and anti-climactic (no final boss??) but the meat of the game is in the insanely addicting gameplay. You’ll be fighting, crafting, decorating (a little) and doing fetch quests. Plus if you get suckered into downloading the ~$10 DLC expansion pack (like this sucker did) it can easily double your playtime.

I’ve put this game down (for the moment) but the 21st is Pokémon OmegaRuby and AlphaSapphire, so no promises about another page within a decent timeframe. OHYEAH and I just got Tales of Hearts R for the PS Vita so now I need to go play that too. X3