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In Gaming news, I am working on two PS Vita games – Toukiden: Age of Demons and Tearaway.

Tearaway is likely the first game in quite a while that I’ve wanted to 100%. I beat it some time ago, but am now replaying chapters to find all the collectables I missed the first time around. It’s very charming and fun, if very linear in progression. I’m around a 90% completion at the moment, and have around half the trophies.

Toukiden is no where near as imaginative. When I first fired it up my initial impression was ‘WHOA, a cross between Okami and Monster Hunter?? This is going to be AWESOME.’ About 4 or 5 hours into it, though, I’m not so thrilled. Too linear, repetitive, and lacking in the depth and strategy that Monster Hunter provides. It feels more like a straightforward button masher than an actual strategic hunting game. I’ll stick with it, though, and hope it gets more interesting and challenging as it progresses.