So when I said Eryl was going on hiatus clearly that was an autocorrect fail and what I really typed was that it’s going to keep updating. Obviously.

I played a short game on my phone this week called Evoland. It really blew me out of the water. It basically evolves as you play from Gameboy-like through generations of graphics, sound, and gameplay style. Everything from turn-based, Zelda-esque action to hack ‘n slash. While short in length and story (I spent about 12 or so hours on it, but that’s because I insisted on getting 100%; it could easily be blasted through in 2 hours or less) its concept and high polish really impressed me. It was more a piece of art and tribute than a game in its own right, but I really loved it. The final boss was a total bastard, though. It took me about a dozen tries before I could take him down.