Yeah, back to Photoshop for this page. After I gushed about Manga Studio 5 last week, I found a whole lot about it that bugged me. For one, the ink tool is crap compared to Manga Studio 4. And the tools in general were too finicky and THE LAG. I DO NOT LIKE IT, SAM I AM. This was the biggest issue. Any large brush and it lagged so badly it was unusable. I know it can be fixed, but not without a lot of fiddling with my computer’s RAM. So at least for a while it’s back to MS4 coupled with Photoshop. I will just try to tone down those backgrounds.

And then there’s pokémon news. I picked up AlphaSapphire again and got that shiny shiny charm, and began soft-resetting on legends.


I have Lugia too and have been working on Kyurem on and off for a week. That one’s being stubborn, the first two only took one day each. 😛