EDIT 04/04/2015: Due to the massive inconsistency in the colouring style of this page, I have since re-done most of the background in photoshop. There should be little discrepancy now between this page and all the others in this chapter.

Holy colouring-style shift, Batman! Okay, well, I’m actually hoping it isn’t too glaringly obvious that this page was done start to finish WITHOUT PHOTOSHOP. Yes, I have joined the bandwagon of comic artists switching from Photoshop to Manga Studio 5. It took much longer, but that’s because I knew pretty much nothing about MS5 (I used to ink and panel everything in MS4, then export the file to photoshop for colouring and lettering) so there was a definite learning curve. It has a completely different interface from MS4. It does a lot more now, but it wasn’t very easy to navigate and there was a lot of settings-twiddling involved. And even though the backgrounds aren’t as great as usual, I’m sure they’ll improve as I become more familiar with MS5. The most IMPORTANT thing is that it did manage to keep me from obsessing about teeny details and loosen up on backgrounds, which is exactly why I switched. That and OHMYGOOSEEGGS, flatting and cel-shading are so much faster and easier! The two steps I hated the most may well become my favourite parts of the process!