The past few weeks my allergies have been very bad what with all the spring pollen. Plus lots of fun family troubles. Therefore, double updates are ending early. With them I would only have a two week buffer left, and I doubt that will be long enough. Sorry guys! I now need to stretch that buffer as much as I can!

In nerd news, I’ve been replaying Pokémon FireRed & LeafGreen to escape reality. I miss the old days of gaming when things were more original and there was a lot less hand holding. True, I didn’t play any video games apart from Oregon/ Amazon Trail and Frogger until I was 17 and the GBA/ Gamecube were the current consoles, but I must say, most of the games I really enjoyed were classics or remakes like FireRed/ LeafGreen. You just get a better feeling of accomplishment when you beat them since there’s little to no handholding and difficulty levels were higher. But that doesn’t stop me from being super excited over AlphaSapphire and OmegaRuby!

LeafGreen team: Charizard, Clefable, Chansey, Victreebell, Dewgong, & Venomoth.

FireRed team: Venosaur, Flareon, Dragonite, Electabuzz, Aerodactyl, & Scyther.