Apologies for not answering comments last week, I was outrageously sick with a virus. Thank goodness for my new buffer! Although it did award me ample opportunity to finish a DS game I thought I’d never get back to called Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2. I had liked the first one quite a bit, but felt the second was not a worthy successor. I still feel this way, but it was a good game to play while ill and feverish because it’s almost nothing but grinding. For those unfamiliar with the DQM series, it’s a lot like pokemon but has enough of its own mechanics to not feel like a clone. You capture monsters and synthesise them into a new monster, losing both parents but passing down select traits. Unfortunately both parents must be level 10+ before synthing and the child is always level 1. Meaning that to get high ranked monsters, you’re in for LOTS of level-grinding. My final playtime was about 55 hours, around 12 of which was spent getting a gem slime. Which was completely worth it because it and my shogum massacred the last two areas of the game, making the final boss a total pushover. The plot was weak, though, compared to the first Joker installment, but one thing I liked better was that metal monsters were MUCH easier to obtain if you knew the trick to it. I never had ANY metal slimes in the first one.