As you can see, I recycled the cover from the previous go-round of this chapter (so no actual new content this week, sorry!), with one big adjustment: the sword. There’s only one other partially recycled page, which will show up later on. The rest is all-new art!

In site news, I’m sure you’ve noticed the brand-spanking-new theme! I upgraded this site to the latest Comicpress version, which ended up a bigger headache than I thought because of the new Easel integration.

The biggest changes for you guys (other than appearance) are:
-An all new Gallery: I split the gallery into four sub-pages. All the old content is there plus two new sections: Old Pages and Concept Art.
-New commenting options: This is probably the biggest item for readers reluctant to cough up their e-mail addresses in order to comment. You can now comment with your wordpress, facebook, twitter, or google+ accounts, making commenting easier than ever (so no excuses for not leaving feedback! ;D ).

Everything should be fully functional at this point, but please use those spiffy new comment options to let me know if you spot any bugs/ broken links/ missing content etc.