Some changes to the site have occurred this past week. Kira’s profile is now on the ‘World’ page. Also, I removed ‘Chapter 2: Black Feathers’ from the archives on Saturday and re-ordered them. I wasn’t going to do it until this chapter concluded, but it’s a lot less work for me if I do it now. The redux of ‘Black Feathers’ will update after ‘The Shrike.’ Hopefully I can finish it before this chapter is done so once it starts updating, I can post the pages at least twice a week, if not three times. Once the new ‘Black Feathers’ is concluded I will re-post the old version in an ‘extras’ section, along with any other pages I’ve redone. I’m probably not going to redux the prologue or first chapter, but I will be fixing up at least a few of the worst pages, along with the two pages that someone else inked for me (not that they are bad, but they look very inconsistent). I’ll also be going through the prologue and correcting some of the wonky wording in the narrations.

Also, be sure to scroll down to the blog section to see some snazzy new reader art from Sporkitude! (You can also see it on the ‘Gallery’ page)