Tsuvola lays north of Veslin’s Empire. They have not been conquered by the empire mostly because the inhospitable climate and poor resources would make it of little interest to the Veslians (it would also be about as easy as conquering Russia, which as history has taught us, is not a very good idea), but they do trade occasionally. Tsuvolan furs are prized throughout the world, and they will also breed and sell t’akirou like Kazu for use either as mounts, or (in the case of the more common smaller breeds) bloodhounds. While the smaller breeds also live in and are bred by Tsuvola, t’akirou the size of Kazu are rare and found wild only in Tsuvola, whereas smaller t’akirou breeds can be found in mountainous areas throughout the world.

This past Saturday I finished another DS RPG. This one was called ‘The World Ends with You,’ and man, it was sick. And by ‘sick’ I mean amazingly awesome and completely messed up at the same time. It was very different from any game I’ve ever played. It takes place in a big city and has a pretty dark storyline with mind-blowing twists around every corner. And the battle system…! Very unique and immensely challenging. You can kinda cheat by setting it to ‘easy,’ which becomes ridiculously easy, or genuinely challenge yourself with ‘normal.’ Then if you’re feeling masochistic there’s ‘hard’ and if you’re some kind of superhuman you can tackle ‘ultimate.’ I think I’ve found a new game to add to my top 5 favourites! Too bad I can’t clear all of the post-game sidequests… some are just too hard. 😛