Though I said this comic was going on break, as usual when my buffer got dangerously low, I panicked and forced myself to work on it some more. So as of right now, we’re good until the 26th.

Just finished ‘Solatorobo: Red the Hunter’ last Thursday. It’s a DS RPG, but one that’s quite different from any I’ve played. While it has a typical clichéd plot, it was none-the-less very well told. I felt the battle mechanics were overly simple and repetitive, but the quests and mini-games in the game were quite varied and fun to do (except the racing… I hated the racing). I never got ‘game over’ because it was pretty easy (excepting a couple side-quests) but was still a really good game. The final boss was laughable, but then I had over-prepared to the point that I was practically invincible. Interesting, though, that all the credits and music are in Japanese, but the names and voice-acting are in French. Colour me confused.