I’m afraid I have bad(ish) news. If you didn’t catch it on the mainpage last week, I’ve announced that I have to stop working on Shivae for now. Tiffany is putting it on temporary hiatus until late May. After that, she’ll be doing the colouring herself. Sorry Shivae fans! It was just too much in my current state of emotional duress. I wish I could say that this means more of my own comics will be updating, but right now I’m not even sure if I’ll have more Eryl pages in a couple weeks, no less anything extra. *sigh*

Am TRYING to get another Epic Fail done (possibly a Tales of the Abyss themed one). I’ll let you all know if I manage it.

Although I’m getting pretty darn close to 100%ing Harvest Moon: A New Beginning. It’s about the only free-time activity that seems to calm my nerves. 😛