…And Eryl is back. Didn’t get nearly as many Ashes pages done as I would have liked, but I guess that’s how it goes sometimes.

In Geek news I downloaded Fire Emblem: Awakening yesterday (tried to get the physical copy, but there’s been a shipping delay, so my local yokel Gamestop wasn’t getting any anytime soon). It just oozes awesome. The cutscenes are stunning and so far the story is good. If you pick the female avatar, there is an extremely amusing conversation between her and Crom early on in the extra conversation menu. XD This is really my first FE game. I do own Shadow Dragon for the DS, but was always too intimidated by the unforgiving difficulty and permanent death system to actually play it. I always sucked at Chess and Checkers, so I’m not too confident about my strategy skills, but since Awakening has not only 3 difficulty settings, but also a ‘Casual’ mode in which permanent death is removed, I feel I can finally play it without completely screwing up my game.