Well, I had assured you all that there would be no missed updates for a while, but I didn’t count on A) being massively busy while visiting my dad B) having an icky stomach virus over the past four days and C) being really busy again this week. So no update Friday. 😛 And possibly none on Tuesday either, but I’ll try to work on a page this weekend.

In Geek news I’ve discovered a pretty good method for grinding shiny pokemon in the friend safari, so I think my total is up to 13. I traded the loudred to Sporkitude for shiny sawsbuck, but dunsparce is still in my pc box. Yuck. Even shiny, who would want a dunsparce, right?

Anyway, the unofficial not-actually-proven methods for shiny grinding are:
1) Tips. Yup, tipping NPCs the maximum amount every time might actually increase the shiny odds, especially in the friend safari where they’re already more common.

2) Illuminate. Several pokemon- watchog, volbeat, staryu, starmie, chinchou, and lanturn- can have this ability. Technically it is used to increase the wild encounter rate, but in my experiance it seems to also raise the shiny rate. I caught 4 shinies without it over several months, and 9 shinies with it over less than a week.

3) Patience. The friend safari has great shiny odds (about 1/1000) but it can still take hours of grinding. Sometimes I find a shiny in minutes, sometimes it takes 5-10 hours. So watch a movie while you do it so you don’t go nuts with boredom.