This page… words fail me. First we have that funny dance move Kira’s doing in panel 3… then panel 5 is not him floating in midair, but my sad attempt at making a transparent ground so we’re looking up through the dirt at him. There is so much awkward in this page I need to invent a new word to describe it. I hereby dub this page AWKWARDSAUCE.

NERD TIME. Over the past couple days I managed to snag 3 more shiny pokemon, bringing the total to 6 in XY. Two of them I’m offering to trade, Dunsparce and Loudred. I can also throw in the pokerus as a bonus, since several of my pokemon are infected with it.

Edit 02/15/18: I have since ‘fixed’ the worst of the awkwardness of this page. Don’t worry, it’s still horribly awkward, just marginally less so. But for posterity (or hilarity) here is the original, fully awkwardsauce page.