I must apologise for not answering comments on the last page. I was having a rough week. But I still read and appreciate all of them, even when I don’t reply. Somehow some readers are under the impression that updates are fueled by fanart. While I really do like getting reader art, updates will always continue whether I get any or not. It is probably more accurate to say that updates are fueled by comments. I feel encouraged when I get them, so thank you all so much for the comments you’ve been leaving! It really makes me happy that people feel engaged enough by the story to comment on it.

Also, I MIGHTASORTAKINDA been working on the Black Feathers redux this past week instead of the current chapter, so I don’t have a preview of next week’s page. And what with Pokémon X and Y coming out this past Saturday, it might be difficult for me to focus on comics this week. I’ll TRY to have a page next Tuesday, but my Pikachu may lure me to Kalos. 😛