You were a little too late there, Jonathan. You should have spent more time trying to help Arra and less time hiding and watching Sleet and Andrea getting the snot kicked out of them.

I hate to say it, but I’m not positive I’ll have a page done next week. I’ll give it my best effort, but I’ve been really busy. I kind of doubt anyone remembers this, but back in January I kept going on acbout a secret project I was working on (and no, it wasn’t Erosion, which isn’t going well and I’m probably going to drop it). Well, I’ve been working a bit more on said secret project again and it’s sucking up ridiculous amounts of energy, often leaving me too exhausted to do much else. Eryl is NOT going on hiatus or anything, but I may miss updates here and there because of this other project, especially since I don’t have a buffer for Eryl right now. But check back next Tuesday anyway, because sometimes I surprise even myself when it comes to getting comics done.