Andrea says don’t come near and what is the first thing Sleet does? Get closer. *face palm*

We had hit Eryl’s 100th page in the last chapter, but since I removed ‘Black Feathers’ from the archive it set me back 27 pages. So… happy 100th page today, Eryl! …Again.

In some more serious news, I apologise for not answering comments last week. I’ve hardly been online the last week and a half and probably will continue to be offline for a while. Because of my bad health I’m still living with my parents and they are going through a divorce. Things are very stressful and I’ve been too depressed to draw or talk to people. Eryl will most likely be going on indefinite hiatus after next week’s page. I am hopeful that this hiatus will not last more than a few weeks, but I really can’t tell. Right now I just can’t feel inspired to do artwork.