Those of you who read comics by both me and Tiffany Ross have probably already guessed it, but I’ll make the official announcement now: I will once more be working with her on her comic, Shivae, as a colourist. I’ll let you all know when it starts updating again as soon as I find out myself. I think she mentioned something about August or September. Though this does sadly mean that Ashes will have to go on break again. I know, I know, I just took it off! 🙁 I’ll let the pages I already have finished update, but then it’s going to be switched to ‘infrequently sporadic’ while I’m working with Tiffany.

In other less significant news, I’ve been playing Tales of the Abyss 3D on and off the past couple months. I’m about to hit the 2/3 mark and have already clocked about 40 hrs. O_O. It’s really good, so I can’t wait to finish it and start on that copy of Tales of Symphonia that I’ve had sitting there for aeons. But I’m sad that that and its Wii sequel are the only Tales games for nintendo systems that I haven’t played yet.