Disclaimer: Do not drink your paint water.
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  1. Hooookay, we now have a candidate for med school.

    Meantime, ever thought about a cintiq? Maybe?

    • Lee

      People on either extreme of the left/right brain spectrum tend to be more han a little kooky. 😀 Unfortunately for me, I’m equally left and right brained. Does that make me twice as crazy?

      Heh, there’s no way I could ever afford a cintiq; I have an intuos which is a lot less fancy. But even so, there’s something very satisfying about creating traditional art. Digital is great and a huge timesaver and I use it quite a lot, but you can’t get the same tactile feedback as with pencil on paper or brush on canvas. Knowing you created something beautiful with nothing but some paper, brushes, and a pile of rainbow goo is an irreplaceable feeling.

  2. That’s true…but more important, having a proper feel for the medium is important for use of a tablet so you can program your brushes to behave properly. I do a lot of 3D rendering work but I have to do lots of 2D stuff to make textures.

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