End of Book I
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  1. Oh my god. Is it… can it be…

    Sleet can draw, and write! And better than me too, I must admit. That’s some seriously good hand-eye coordination for a creature with two usable fingers whose species don’t have advanced tools.
    (Thinking about it, have wyverns been ever shown using any tools at all? I know they’ve been shown using their opposable thumbs, but can’t remember any tool use.)

    The scene itself is very well done. It’s a 3D scene painted over, right? The whole thing is tied together very well, and I can’t but help wondering at the symbolic here. Sleet’s drawings suggest Arra’s friends, but the bloodied knife… I guess Kira is not going to be very merciful when he comes back for Kazu?

    As for the short prose, that would be greatly appreciated. The webcomic format is great but often the story drags even for comics that are active daily. Some more insight to the world through side stories would be lovely.

    • Lee

      Wyverns don’t naturally use tools, no, which is why you’ll rarely see them doing so. But Sleet was raised by a human, after all, and she taught him how to read and write. He has just enough dexterity to hold a quill or stick of charcoal, but writing takes more effort than for the five-fingered races.

      Ah, actually this was painted from scratch! I drew a rough sketch and from there it was mostly paint and texture brushes and layer filters, just like all the other backgrounds I make for Eryl. The only ‘cheats’ I used were transform tools to give the map some perspective and to get the text in the book to follow the contour of the pages. I just put more time and detail into this one than usual.

      There’s nothing too deep going on with the knife, don’t worry. I plan to have these end-map pages show objects and scenery relevant to events that happened during that section of the story, thus the childhood drawings Sleet did of his ‘family’ and Kira’s knife that Andrea stabbed him with.

      I look forward to sharing more of the world, too! I’ve had to cut out a whole lot of detail and world-building for the sake of story flow and while the short stories won’t be going that in-depth into history and culture and such, they’ll still give much closer glimpses of the characters’ lives prior to the start of the story. 🙂

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