Dark Wings Volume 1


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OpeningVolume Cover

Book I: The Last Great Dragon

Prologue: Migration

Act i: Three Kidnappers (1-19)
Act ii: Two Conspirators (20-22)
Act iii: One Compassionate Heart (23-28)

Chapter I: Taking Flight

Act i: A Most Unladylike Lady (1-8)
Act ii: Rumour of Hope (9-17)
Act iii: Wolves Among Sheep (18-25)
Act iv: Only the Beginning (26-29)

Chapter II: Loud Beaks

Act i: A Suspicious Stranger (1-7)
Act ii: Tales and Trouble (8-17)
Act iii: The Last Great Dragon (18-23)
Act iv: Arra’s Decision (24-27)

Chapter III: The Shrike

Act i: The Butcher Bird (1-8)
Act ii: Battle (9-14)
Act iii: Peril (15-24)
Act iv: Failure (25-36)

Chapter IV: Black Feathers

Act i: An Unexpected Invitation (1-9)
Act ii: Danger Lies In Wait (10-17)
Act iii: Blood and Blades (18-30)

Chapter V: Fledging

Act i: A Change of Heart (1-7)
Act ii: Freakish (8-19)
Act iii: Farewells (20-29)

End of Book I