Want to know if my comics are safe for your kids to read? Or if they contain material you might feel uncomfortable viewing? Here’s your handy guide.

Children of Shadow: Ashes is rated PG-13. It contains mild language and graphic violence, as well as horror themes that younger or more sensitive readers may find upsetting.

Dark Wings: Eryl is rated R. It contains moderate to strong language, partial nudity, graphic violence, and mature themes. It is not recommended for young or sensitive readers.

Laiyu is rated PG-13. It contains mild language and some violence.

No More Save Points! is rated PG. It contains occasional mild language, blood, and crude humour.

Easily Amused is rated G. It contains occasional crude humour and cartoon violence, but both are sparse and toned down. This comic was made to be family-friendly.

I have also made landing pages for those who only want to visit one comic! Click here to read about landing pages.

Children of Shadow: Ashes
Dark Wings: Eryl
Easily Amused
No More Save Points!