Today I replaced all the Ashes pages with the new HUGE files. All except for the first three pages of Chapter One, since those will be redrawn soon (though I seem to have lost the sketchbook that had those redraws in it… so now I have to do them all over again groan). While many of the pages have recieved tiny tweaks or fixes, the only page with really significant changes is Page 04-01, which had its narration reworked to add more detail and clarity.

-Better viewing on mobile phones and tablets
-You can now see all the little details
-If you have poor vision, no squinting to read the text

-You can now see all the little mistakes
-If reading on your computer, the huge pages are HUGE
(probably 2-3x bigger than the original drawings, depending on the size and resolution of your screen)
-file sizes are now about 200kb larger, but unless your internet is super slow, it shouldn’t affect loading speeds noticeably.

Eventually Eryl will also be replaced with huge pages, but I still need to fix a bunch of the pages whose original files got lost when I switched computers.