The prologue and Chapter 1 of Eryl are being rewritten and redrawn to match the current style. I’ll be working on it behind the scenes while Ashes updates for a while. This post will be continuously updated to show my progress.

Prologue progress:
The outline is finished; the detailed scripts haven’t been started yet.

Prologue Scripting: 10%

Chapter 1 progress:
9/35 pages are completed.

Pages Finished: 26%

April 26, 2017: I have gone through and made fixes to all the chapters that AREN’T being redrawn. A lot of it was fixing typos, rewording certain pieces of dialogue, and fixing inconsistencies like missing objects, or when people or items got flipped around. Most stuff was minor, but one page has now been cut out of Chapter 4 because I’ve always hated it, and a few pages need more extensive work. Some of my photoshop files were lost over the last few years. One page is missing backgrounds, so I need to repaint them. Another page, I lost everything except the ink lines. 🙁 Fortunately it wasn’t a page with intricate backgrounds, but still, I was pretty upset to find the file missing in ALL of my backups.

Other than that, still working on the scripts for the redraws, as well as writing scripts for Book II. Chapter 6 is completely scripted, and more outlined. I’m going to be trying several things to increase the speed at which I can release pages in Book II. This time I’d like to get the whole book (chapters 6-11) scripted out before drawing it. I’m decreasing the resolution of the full-sized files from 600dpi to 350dpi. This will allow the programs to run faster and that saves time. Files will be worked in spreads, allowing me to draw two pages at once, also saving time. And lastly, I’ll be painting larger backgrounds on separate canvases so I can reuse them more. Laying out all the panels for the chapter ahead of time will help too, as it’ll give me a better idea on how big a background I should paint to reuse throughout a scene.

May 2, 2017: Honestly, I don’t know how I’d get by in life without three-ring binders. This is something else new I’m trying for speeding up page production. I panelled out all 35 pages of chapter 1 in Clip Studio and then printed them out so I can sketch it all by hand. The scripts are on the other side of the divider. 😀

While sketching digitally does allow me more detail and accuracy because I can zoom in and manipulate bits and pieces, I really hate the feel of sketching on the computer. Often I’d procrastinate in making new pages because I was dreading sketching them. I can do it faster by hand, plus it feels more comfortable.