I don’t generally enjoy posting about politics online. I do a little bit on my personal Facebook page, amongst my friends, but almost never in public.

But today I’d like to post a word about this year’s election. It’s been crazy, unprecidented, and divisive. Last night’s result has only widened that gap. Half of America feels triumphant, and half scared. I happen to fall on the ‘scared’ side, but I’m not going to preach or hate in public, because that is exactly what we need to avoid right now.

I want to remind everyone to be kind. Be understanding. Perspectives in this country differ greatly. If you are on the side that is relieved or triumphant, please do not deride those who are not.

Not everyone has the same lifestyle or the same concerns and worries. Those of us who are scared are crying out with our fears. Please do not sneer. Please do not put these people down. They are genuinely frightened, and if you cannot be reassuring or comforting, then please hold your peace, even if you think they are overreacting or being ridiculous. Further ostracisation will not bring the two sides together.

If you are on the side of the frightened and angry, please do not blame the victors. Please do not threaten, or lash out, for the same reason of furthering the divide. Violence and hate only make things worse. If you feel helpless, there is one way you can make things better: by being kind. By helping those who are struggling, and yes, even being kind to those who have opposite views.

Feeding hate and fear only makes it stronger. Anger at the other side only pushes them futher away. You might not be able to change the country, or the world, but you can make things better for the people around you. If someone is scared, comfort them. If someone is angry, calm them. If someone is hateful, ignore them. If someone needs help, help them.

You can still work constructively towards a better future by doing good things and helping in your community. The presidency is important, but this country was built by the people. We shouldn’t rely on a single decision every four years to decide what our country is. It’s a decision we make every day, in the way that we treat and support others.

Please everyone, this is a hard and divisive time ahead, no matter how the end result turns out. So I repeat: please be kind.