I’m playing with the site layout so I could get rid of the left-hand sidebar running next to the comic area, but still have the latest page thumbnails prominently featured. KID YOU NOT I spent 4 or 5 hours trying to get the thumnails to appear horizontally above the comic area. Spent probably 2 hours trying to code it myself, gave up because I suck at code, then found a plugin that adds a dynamic widget area that will display them horizontally. Then spent the next few hours tweaking it using the poorly explained instructions so that it would display the way I wanted it.

Now the comics have the entire width of the website to display. Since EA and NMSP strips are pretty wide they were being shrunk by having a sidebar there, and they became less legible. Also the Eryl archives will be replaced by MUCH bigger pages once the redux starts! 100dpi vs the current 72dpi, which is significantly larger on the web, and now you’ll be able to see lots more detail and it will be easier to read the text. 😀 There’s also the eventual launch of Laiyu to keep in mind, which is saved in pretty big pages so that the novel-style text is clear and readable.