EDIT 04/28/16
The links page has now been updated! New banners are available for anyone who wants to link to me! I also added links to the comics Clockwork, White Noise, and Daughter of the Lilies to my reading list. All three are really fantastic stories, and I highly recommend them!
I just did a slew of maitenance for the site. All archives, posts, and pages have now been removed from the old subsites and replaced with a static image-link redirecting people here. I think it’s been over a year since I moved all the archives here, abandoning the individual subsites, so this was way overdue. At least now people following old links won’t think any of the comics are dead, just know that the archives relocated.

Cleaned up a few other things and moved stuff around. There’s a button-link to Shivae on the right sidebar now, and the link to the art gallery’s archives has moved to the archives hubpage along with all the other archive links.

I seem to have great difficulty in deciding whether to have the lastest comic appear on the front page. It makes it so nice and prominent, but without it the mainpage feels tidier. And since my comics have vastly different age ratings (from G all the way to R), it’s a bit harder to stumble on content you don’t want to view. Please note that there’s an age rating guide below the comic thumnails on the left. It’s been there for some time, but I never pointed it out before.

Later I will be going through and making changes to the links page. I’m removing the banners for my individual comics and replacing them with ‘Flowerlark Studios’ banners to represent all the comics at once. I also have some new comics to add to my reading list – all of which are very awesome. I’m going to try to get all this done before the end of today.