I need to move around update days! Eryl has been a Tuesday comic for years, but the past year I have started playing D&D with my friends over the weekends. They live about 1 & 1/2hrs from me (in good weather), and I usually make it a weekend long stay, arriving Friday evening and leaving Monday morning.

I can only get Manga Studio work done while there because my Surface 3 is not powerful enough to run Photoshop. That limits my work to sketching, inking, & flats for Eryl, but I can get an EA or NMSP done start to finish.

So in order to make my workflow easier, Ery will now update on Fridays! If I have a punchline comic idea for that week then either Easily Amused or No More Save Points! will update on Tuesday.

I am also going to look into making DeviantART and Facebook groups for FL Studios to make it easier for you guys to keep up with updates.